PennEastern Engineers LLC, PennEastern Architects, LLC

Firm Overview



The principals of PennEastern Engineers, LLC are Paul Pasonick, Andrew Pasonick, Michael Amato and Daryl Pawlush. All principals have extensive experience in commercial and residential land developments, municipal projects, sanitary sewer projects, storm water projects, pavement projects, flood control projects and soil erosion and sedimentation control plans. In addition, each has assisted in design, specification writing, cost estimating, project bidding and bid review, construction observation and project management of the various projects.


The Principals of PennEastern Architects, LLC are Andrew Pasonick, Emil Jarolen and Norman Manovsky.  Design Principal Emil Jarolen has been practicing Architecture since 1974 and has been a Registered Architect in the State of Pennsylvania since 1978.  In addition, Mr. Jarolen is Registered as an Architect in the States of Maryland, New York, New Jersey and the District of Columbia.  Mr. Jarolen has gained experience in the fields of architecture, engineering and construction management on large-scale projects throughout the Eastern United States.  Major projects include schools, hotels, office buildings, airports, and commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Our Staff

Our Firm's professional staff provides an in-depth capability in all aspects of planning, engineering, economic feasibility and designs disciplines.  We have a highly qualified professional staff consisting of professional engineers, registered architects, registered land surveyors and designers.  Our staff size and diversity permits completion of complex, large-scale projects within limited times schedules and provides the personal, professional and individual contact with our clients.  We deliver to each and every client the dedication, professionalism and integrity to insure success.

Office Facilities

PennEastern Engineers, LLC and PennEastern Architects, LLC maintain facilities at 165 North Wilkes-Barre Boulevard, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  Both firms collectively utilize approximately 10,000 square foot of office space for the conduct of daily business.


The firm maintains a state-of-the-art computer network with CAD workstations and PC's for the entire staff.  Our network is supported with state-of-the-art laser and ink jet plotters and multipurpose copy \ scan \ print systems. We maintain an extensive library of design, engineering and general software to support all of our design disciplines.

Our survey crews are equipped with Total-station electronic survey equipment and GPS systems and related software.

As one may gather from the above information, our office is designed and equipped as required to allow the most competitive fee schedule and still maintain quality control and professionalism in the production of our work.